Touchain——make data to be your asset.

Touchain is a company focused on protecting users’ data assets, created by a group of senior employees of TCL, GE, Ontology, Moto, Le Frog and others. The goal is to create a Web 3.0 infrastructure that makes data to be your asset.

As technology advances, more and more data is created and collected about who we are, how we think, and what we do. The data is creating huge business benefits for tech companies, but in Touchain’s view it’s coming from users and should be their own assets.

Touchain hopes to use the technology of blockchain to realize the secure storage, management and circulation of data. And through DID and its own Touchain public chain to protect the privacy of users, let the data for users produce due value.

Touchain ecosystem

Touchain Alpha is the only private cloud product on the market with a built-in blockchain chip, and the only real privacy camera.👍👍

✔Users can store personal data through Touchain Alpha or authorize devices to grab Iot device data

✔Data will be encrypted and stored on a built in chip to ensure data security;

✔Users can choose to store data in other space, such as decentralized storage networks IPFS.

TouChain Wallet can easily Manage User Data and cryptocurrency assets. As an important part of the TouChain ecosystem, the hardware itself can be used as an entry point for user data management. It is also an important connection for the user to interact with Touchain Alpha. By simply registering, users can generate private key, TID and deployed to Blockchain with just one1️⃣ Click.

Public chain product Touchain DID will enable data flow. Authentication, sharing and trading of data through Touchain ID, such as file sharing based on mobile phone numbers and cryptocurrency transfers.

Development Plan

Product launching

Increasing the influence and user quantities

Building a global community

2021 Q1Q2💖

Application Scene Extension

Developing DID public chain

Opening Ecological co-operation

2021 Q3Q4 💖

Building an open platform for IOT

Building data trading pools

Improving the data broker module

Touchain aims to make data an asset for users, be a good broker of user data and let data assets create value for users.