Touchain Initial user Recruitment

About Touchain

TouChain is a shanghai-based innovator of next-generation personal data management platforms and third-generation hardware wallets based on decentralized identities. TouChain think data should be the personal assets of the user, and its TouChain line of products creatively combines NAS storage with AI Voice, using an encryption chip embedded in the mainframe, public-key cryptography, digital asset management, privacy protection and other functions. It successfully links the private cloud to the blockchain and becomes a window for users to reach the blockchain world, providing a good foundation for decentralized product services and applications.

Through the TOUCHAIN APP and Alpha connection, the wallet is not just a wallet, it is the user and IPFS connection channel. Touchain is now deeply integrated with the IPFS decentralized storage system. Users can easily encrypt and backup their important data to the IPFS network, and easily read files around the world. Users can also choose to share their spare hard disk space and bandwidth to the IPFS network to help more users speed up and save files.

In addition, the Touchain app and Alpha address the pain points where the IPFS nodes are too concentrated in the hands of a few miners and big cities, serving as IPFS edge nodes or accelerators to help speed access to remote areas. The edge node with IPFS can effectively reduce the load of streaming media network. TOUCHAIN will also develop search capabilities that allow users to retrieve IPFS files on their phones, download them on Alpha, and retrieve mines.

Recruitment criteria:

A certain understanding of blockchain and IPFS, Blockchain wallet and Smart Hardware has a certain interest and demand.


Get test rewards: users who provide effective advice and support on product design and experience will be given cash rewards and trial opportunities for premium products around the Touchain.

Have a better chance to become the “ Experience Officer” of Touchain to experience the internal products.

Experts support if you encounter problems.

Meet blockchain friends with great minds, exchange and share blockchain news and resources.

Participate in the role of “product consultant” to advise on the functions and contents of Touchain ecological products, product decisions, and witness the birth and growth of each generation of products.

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